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kokopelli Photos from my vacation to Moab, UT September 5-14, 2008.

Travel & Top of the World Travel to Utah and the Top of the World trail the day we arrived. Jim carried my offroad tires on his trailer and I didn't want to take time to swap before running this easy, scenic trail. But my street tires made for a really rough ride. The overlook was incredible, though. Worth the little detour.

Potato Salad Hill & Hell's Revenge Potato Salad Hill is supposedly named because someone spilled their lunch here. It is a pretty steep climb. Fun and easy to drive to. Hell's Revenge is a longer trail where we spent most of the day. Obstacles included Hell's Gate, Escalator, and some "hot tubs".

Area BFE Area BFE. No really, that's what it is called. It isn't part of the federal land like most of the trails. We ran a trail called "Green Day" and played in an area setup with obstacles for rock-crawling competitions. Broke a tail light here, but nothing serious.

Poison Spider & Golden Spike Poison Spider trail is named in memory of a child who died from a spider bite as the west was just being settled. Golden Spike was named when two groups found a path to connect two trails, coming from opposite directions like the well-known railroad story. Nothing too extreme here, but "Double Whammy", "Launchpad" and "Golden Crack" were fun.

Pritchett's Canyon Pritchett's Canyon is really beautiful and the most challenging trail we ran, rated 8/10 for difficulty. We saved this one until the end of the week just in case somebody broke something. Wouldn't want to spoil the entire week. I lost a C-clip on a front u-joint somewhere along here, then the cap came off on the road out. "Son of Rock Pile" was fun, but "Rocker Knocker" was probably the most challenging obstacle where you had to lean your vehicle way over to the left and crawl sideways along a ledge before finishing the climb up. Pretty scary and really feels like you are going to roll.

Bones Pictures from Larry "Bones" Byers.

Moab Videos Short videos from various places on the trails.

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